Alex Duner

Squarespace Permalinks

There has recently been a bit of discussion about how to create link posts in Squarespace that include an icon to click through to a permalink.

David Sparks posted his initial solution which relied on TextExpander and James Smith then posted a solution using a simple code injection. The problem with Smith’s solution, as David Sparks notes, is that you would have to include a permalink icon on every post.

I have been using Squarespace for the last few months and have discovered an even easier way to include the permalink icon after the post title only on linked list items.

Here is the code:

<a class="link" href="{sourceUrl}" target="_self">{title}</a>
<a class="permalink" href="{fullUrl}" title="Permalink for  {title}">∞</a>
<a class="post" href="{fullUrl}">{title}</a>

Or, to just add the permalink symbol, use the following:

<a class="permalink" href="{fullUrl}" title="Permalink for {title}">∞</a>

To make it work, just check the External Link checkbox on the Options pane of a new post.

It is worth noting that the above code only works if you have a developer account and can edit the source code. If you are running any of the other Squarespace plans, you will have to use James Smith’s solution, because it seems that the non-developer accounts do not support the {.passthrough?} conditional.